2 in 1 Build

Hi Guys, since my old cases are becoming way to small for all my hardware I decided to build my own case. During the early brainstorming I wondered how big a case would have to be in order to fit 2 complete mainboards, 24 HDDs and a complete watercooling setup. Well here is what I came up with: <img src=”http://matthias.fam-wurst.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/case.PNG” align=”absmiddle” height=”480″ width=”616″ /> This here shows the general design of the case, it’s going to be 80cm long, 65 cm high and 45 cm wide. The Front is seperated in 2 large sections ( each 20cm long ). The left section will contain up to 24 HDD’s while the right section holds DVD Drives. The Top will contain a filter for the watercooling system made by Aquacomputer. The Mainboards will be mounted in the middle of the case, one facing left, the other right. A Cape Cora passiv Radiator will be mounted on the right side Panel to cool my 24/7 ftp server but of course as an alternative any 1080 Rad can be used. I might try my 1080 phobya but first I’ll have to actually build the case. Material is going to be MLD Wood 12mm strong due to the fact that it’s very easy to work with, I got all the neccessary tools and I happen to have some lying around in my garage. Well  I started working on the project last weekend for an hour or so. Basicly just cutting all the parts down to the required lenght and started working on the front of the case. The small middle part is 5 cm long and will hold 3 Vandalism switches. 

Just connecting the front parts.

So far so good, feel free to comment on the project. I’m not very good with sketchup yet which is why I can only post the rough design of the case. I have more stuff on paper but my scanner is broken and Pencil drawings are very fade on pictures. More coming up soon. I guess the motherboard tray is going to be the most interesting part. Update 12.1.2011 Got a new shipment from Aquatuning today. It included 2x ichbinleise 225mm fans (the two white boxes on the left ), a phobya 200mm radiator,  some tube, Aquacomputer Kryos delrin CPU cooler, Aquacomputer filter, EK Northbridge block, 3 vandalism switches, EK Southbridge Block, water temp sensor and a OCool Waterblock for an old gpu. Well I have been waiting for the fans to get delivered so I could make the cutouts on the top of my case. I did a large cutout which will be covered with some 4mm wood where the fan and the radiator will be mounted. The cutout for the fan, the smaller cutout is for the aquacomputer filter which will be misused as a fillport ;) Just got to switch in / out and voila you have a fillport with a filter. The Aquacomputer Aquabox will be directly behind the filter so it can actually function as a fillport.  Just glueing the two parts together. I am also still waiting for a package from mountainmods. I’m going to use their  3 x 5.25 optical drive cage

for my DVD Drives and the Aquabox. Next thing to do would be the motherboard tray and the i/o panel cutouts on the back. Update2: Got the package from mountainmods today so I did some work on the front of the case. Mounted the DVD Drive Cage And drilled the holes for the vandalism switches <a href=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00970.JPG” title=”dsc00970.JPG”><img src=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00970.thumbnail.JPG” alt=”dsc00970.JPG” /></a> So this is what my front is going to look like. Thinking about painting it white. Well I’ll do some work on the I/O Panel after dinner. Update 3 Well today I got a lot of work done. Finished the I/O Panel and started putting the parts together. <a href=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00972.JPG” title=”dsc00972.JPG”><img src=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00972.thumbnail.JPG” alt=”dsc00972.JPG” /></a> the front panel got mounted <a href=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00973.JPG” title=”dsc00973.JPG”><img src=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00973.thumbnail.JPG” alt=”dsc00973.JPG” /></a> fastening the motherboard tray <a href=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00974.JPG” title=”dsc00974.JPG”><img src=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00974.thumbnail.JPG” alt=”dsc00974.JPG” /></a> And this is what it looks like right now. It’s huge but it has to be that way since it has to hold 2 AC Pumps and all the hardware. <a href=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00975.JPG” title=”dsc00975.JPG”><img src=”http://modding.mtech-ind.eu/__oneclick_uploads/2011/01/dsc00975.thumbnail.JPG” alt=”dsc00975.JPG” /></a> Another Pic of the front. Doesn’t look too bad I’d say ;) I’ll have to paint it in the next step. Thinking about going with white paint, that’s goint to look good with the cape cora and the DVD Drive bay